Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

GPCR dynamics for fine tuning of physiological processes

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41th Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

« GPCR dynamics for fine tuning of physiological processes »


Mont Ste Odile (France)
October 5th-8th, 2016

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Invited speakers : (alphabetical order)

Laura Bohn (Jupiter, USA), Michel Bouvier (Montreal, Canada), Jens Brüning (Cologne, Germany), Antony Davenport (Cambridge, UK), Martin Fussenegger (Zurich, Switzerland), Sebastien Granier (Montpellier, France), Lora Heisler (Aberdeen, UK), Stephane Laporte (Sherbrooke, Canada), Amadeu Llebaria (Barcelona, Spain), Martin Lohse (Wurzburg, Germany), Fional Marshall (Welwyn Garden City, UK), Bernard Mouillac (Montpellier, France), Colleen Niswender (Nashville, USA), Marc Parmentier (Brussels, Belgium), Philippe Rondard (Montpellier, France), Helgi Schiöth (Uppsala, Sweeden), Kristina Schoonjans (Lausanne, Switzerland), Thue Schwartz (Copenhagen, Denmark), Martine Smit (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Dirk Trauner (Munich, Germany), Jürgen Wess (Bethesda, USA)


Themes covered :

          Structural dynamics and allosterism
          Biased ligand
          Novel ways to control and use GPCRs
          GPCRs as emerging therapeutic targets
          Metabolic regulation through GPCRs
This symposium has now been taking place for over 40 years. All along, organizers have paid attention to invite top of the line investigators in the fields presented. The pleasant and relaxed setting of the venue - a monastery 30 km from Strasbourg - encourages exchange of scientific knowledge between all participants. The audience is limited to around 100 people from academic and industry research, including postdoctoral fellows and students. This gives everybody the opportunity to meet and discuss their science with experts in the field and fosters scientific interactions. Participants are encouraged to present posters, and a small number of outstanding posters will be presented in oral sessions. In addition, a poster prize will be awarded.

Topics of the Symposium :

This meeting covers various aspects of the biology of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and their signalling pathways. A special focus will be on new data and concepts concerning the structure and function of GPCRs, novel ways to control and to use this receptor class and on GPCRs in metabolism and other emerging fields relevant for pathophysiology and therapy.
GPCRs are the direct targets of a third of the pharmaceutical drugs presently on sale. They are involved in many clinical disorders including cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and neurological diseases, and they are still regarded as a prime source for the development of new drugs.
At this meeting, the most recent aspects of the research in the field will be presented by speakers of international reputation. Work of the last years has lead to new concepts in receptor regulation with direct impact on drug design. In parallel, a new pharmacology of GPCRs emerges from the concept of allostery and biased signalling applied to these receptors.   
GPCRs have also been recognized as promising tools for the engineering of cellular regulatory pathways. This involves novel techniques to control GPCR activity by redesigning ligands and/or receptor molecules, including new possibilities to control their activity with light. These approaches may eventually be applied to the field of synthetic biology and to the development of new diagnostic, preventive or therapeutic strategies.
Finally, various emerging areas in which novel GPCR functions have been discovered and will be exploited for drug development including the metabolic system will be covered by various speakers and new aspects of the research in these fields will be discussed.

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Where? The Mont Sainte-Odile (30 km from Strasbourg), an old abbey founded more than 13 centuries ago in Alsace, France


Program ?  PROGRAMME

When? Wednesday, OCTOBER 5th  to Saturday, OCTOBER 8th



Some pictures of ottrott and mont Saint-Odile :   Colour gallery   and   B/W gallery



Practical information :


The symposium starts on Wednesday  October 5th at 3 pm

Two buses will pick up the participants at
Strasbourg railroad station the first one leaving
at 12:30 and the second one at 13:30. The first
bus leaving at 12:30 will stop at Strasbourg
airport before reaching MSO

A snack will be served at Mont Ste Odile at 2 pm
before the beginning of the conferences.

Departure is scheduled on Saturday October 8th. The bus will leave Mont Ste Odile at 2 pm after lunch and
will arrive at the airport at 2:45 pm and at the railroad station at 3:30 pm


If you cannot make the bus, a taxi from Strasbourg costs around 90 euros. Alternatively, there are trains from Strasbourg to Obernai (TER line Strasbourg-Molsheim-Obernai-Barr-Sélestat) every 30 min starting at 15h40.

Not all trains stop at the airport, but you can manage to go to Molsheim and

board the next train to Obernai.

A list of taxis in Obernai is here

Abstract information :

 Uploading abstracts: Abstracts can be uploaded on the site after your registration is accepted and you receive a username and password to login. Upon login, a link to “Abstract submission” will appear on the left.

Panel size for posters is 2m high and 80 cm wide.

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