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43rd Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation


The brain – gut – microbiome network in metabolic regulation and dysregulation



Mont Ste Odile (France)
10-13 October  2018




Invited speakers : (TBC)


Rachel L. Batterham, London, UK.

Fredrik Bäckhed, Göteborg, Sweden

Ellen Blaak, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Tristan Bolmont, Lausanne, Switzerland

Patrizia Brigidi, Bologna, Italy

Jens C. Brüning, Köln, Germany

Remy Burcelin, Toulouse, France.

Filipe Cabreiro, London, UK

Patrice D. Cani, Brussels, Belgium

Sylvie Claeysen, Montpellier, France.

Karine Clément, Paris, France

John Cryan, Cork, Ireland

Nathalie Delzenne, Brussels, Belgium

Joël Doré, Paris, France

Daniel J. Drücker, Toronto, Canada

Eran Elinav, Jerusalem, Israel

Colin Hill, Cork, Ireland

Jens Juul Holst, Copenhagen, Denmark

Elaine Y. Hsiao, Los Angeles, USA

Ruth Ley, Tübingen, Germany.

Gilles Mithieux, Lyon, France

Max Nieuwdorp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Vassilis Pachnis, London, UK

Oluf B. Pedersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Yolanda Sanz, Madrid, Spain

Bart Staels, Lille, France

Herbert Tilg, Innsbrück, Austria

Siegfried Ussar, München, Germany

Hubert Vidal, Lyon, France.

Dominic Withers, London, UK




The annual European Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation, now sponsored by the European Society for Endocrinology, has for over four decades monitored the profound changes that have taken place in endocrinological concepts since the initial definition of a hormone by Ernest Starling in 1905. The symposium is held in the historical monastery of Mont Sainte-Odile in Alsace, on top of a mountain in Ottrott (37 km from Strasbourg). The theme changes every year.
The 2018 conference will focus on the cross talk between the brain and the gastro-intestinal system, and the relationships between the gut microbiome and the host organism in metabolic (dys)regulation, lifespan and CNS (dys)function.
The format of the symposium is highly interactive (like a Gordon Conference) with audience limited to 120 participants, allowing optimal interactions between seasoned scientists and young post-docs.


Cross-talk between the gut and the brain in metabolic regulation
The gut microbiota: a complex ecosystem and its interaction with host cells
New mediators/targets in gut function
The gut microbiome in metabolic regulation and dysregulation across lifespan
The gut microbiome and CNS dysfunction
Therapeutic perspectives


For any contact with the organization of the Congress in 2018, only use the following email address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Where? The Mont Sainte-Odile (30 km from Strasbourg), an old abbey founded more than 13 centuries ago in Alsace, France


Program ?  PROGRAMME

When? Wednesday, OCTOBER   to Saturday, OCTOBER  2018



Some pictures of ottrott and mont Saint-Odile :   Colour gallery   and   B/W gallery



Practical information :


The symposium starts on Wednesday  October  at 3 pm


There is a bus coming to Strasbourg airport on Wednesday, October at 11:25h, picking up the participants landing from 10am - 11:25am;

another bus is driving to Strasbourg main station at 1:30pm picking up the participants coming between 11am and 1:30pm.


A snack will be served at Mont Ste Odile at 2 pm
before the beginning of the conferences.

Departure is scheduled on Saturday October . The bus will leave Mont Ste Odile at 2 pm after lunch and
will arrive at the airport at 2:45 pm and at the railroad station at 3:30 pm


If you cannot make the bus, a taxi from Strasbourg costs around 90 euros. Alternatively, there are trains from Strasbourg to Obernai (TER line Strasbourg-Molsheim-Obernai-Barr-Sélestat) every 30 min starting at 15h40.

Not all trains stop at the airport, but you can manage to go to Molsheim and

board the next train to Obernai.

A list of taxis in Obernai is here

Abstract and Poster information :


Uploading abstracts: Abstracts can be uploaded using the template available during the online registration process. 

You will also be able to upload your abstract following your registration by logging back in using the username and password which you will have received on registration;

the abstract template will be available for you to download.


The panel size for posters is 2m high and 80 cm wide.




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