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42th Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation
European Society of Endocrinology (ESE)


Ion Channels in Hormonal Homeostasis :
Transient Receptor Potential Channels and Calcium Signaling


Preliminary programme


Invited speakers

Bakker, Julie  (Liège, Belgium)

Beech, David  (Leeds, England)

Boehm, Ulrich  (Homburg, Germany)

Berggren, Per-Olof  (Stockholm, Sweden)

Fioramonti, Xavier  (Bordeaux, France)

Freichel, Marc  (Heidelberg, Germany)

Groschner, Klaus  (Graz, Austria)

Gudermann, Thomas  (München, Germany)

Hoenderop, Joost  (Nijmegen)

Kurtz, Armin  (Regensburg, Germany)

Ludwig, Mike  (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Mollard, Patrice  (Montpellier, France)

Muallem, Shmuel  (Bethesda, USA)

Prevarskaya, Natalia  (Lille, France)

Sobolevsky, Alexander I  (New York, USA)

Tena-Sempere, Manuel  (Córdoba, Spain)

Vennekens, Rudi  (Leuven, Belgium)

Viana, Felix  (Alicante, Spain)

Vlachová, Victorie  (Prague, Czech Republic)

Zhu, Michael X.  (Houston, USA)





Arrival and registration

16:00h - 18:15h: Ca and Mg homeostasis     (Chair: V. Flockerzi)


 16:00h            T. Gudermann T.    "TRPMs in Ca-/Mg-homeostasis "

 16:40h            J. Hoenderop    “Novel insights into the regulation of mineral TRPs”

 17:20h             A. Kurtz    “Control of renin secretion - mysterious role of calcium”

 18:00h             Short talk

 18:30h            DINNER

 20:00h            KEYNOTE LECTURE    (Chair: Veit Flockerzi)

                        P.-O. Berggren    "A natural body window to β-islets "





8:30h – 12:05h: Mechanisms in TRP-regulated body homeostais       (Chair: S. Muallem)


 08:30h             X. Fioramonti   “TRPC3, a new player in hypothalamic glucose-sensing and energy homeostasis”

 09:10h             M. Freichel    “Neurohumoral control of heart function via TRPCs”

 09:50h             Short talk

 10:05h             COFFEE BREAK

 10:30h             D. Beech   “TRPC1/4/5 channels - new insights, new opportunities”

 11:10h             R. Vennekens    “TRPMs in cardiac function”

 11:50h             Short talk

 12:30h            LUNCH


(visiting Strasbourg or Colmar)

 19:00h            DINNER

 20:30h            KEYNOTE LECTURE    (Chair: U. Boehm)

                        J Bakker       " Sexual differentiation of the brain "


 21:30h            POSTER SESSION





9:00h - 12:35h:   Signaling in neuroendocrine control     (Chair: T. Gudermann)


 09:00h             P. Mollard    “Ca signaling in the hypothalamic- pituitary axis”

 09:40h             U. Boehm    “Ca signaling in in gonadotropes”

 10:20h             Short talk

 10:35h             COFFEE BREAK

 11:00h             M. Ludwig    "Signaling modalities mediated by exocytosis of oxytocin and vasopressin"

 11:40h             M. Tena-Sempere M.    "Energy balance and its relation to puberty onset "

 12:20h            Short talk

 12:45h             LUNCH


 14:00h - 17:35h: TRP in cell physiology    (Chair: M. Freichel)

 14:00h             N. Prevarskaya.    "TRP channels in hormone-sensitive cancers"

 14:40h             F. Viana    "TRP channels in temperature sensing and thermoregulation”

 15:20h             Short talk

 15:35h             COFFEE BREAK

 16:00h             M.X. Zhu    "Excitatory neurotransmission mediated by TRPC4”

 16:40h             K. Groschner    "Calcium and lipid signaling in ER-PM nanojunctions”

 17:20h             Short talk

18:00h            DINNER

20:00h            POSTER SESSION





 9:00h - 12:20h: TRPs in calcium signaling    (Chair: M.X. Zhu)

 09:00h             S. Muallem.   "TR(i)Ps to ORAIs”

 09:40h             V. Vlachová    " Polymodal regulation of TRPA1 by calcium”

 10:20h             Short talk

 10:35h             COFFEE BREAK

 11:00h            KEYNOTE LECTURE    (Chair: T. Gudermann)

                        A.I. Sobolevsky    "Crytal structure of the epithelial Ca channel TRPV6"

12:30h             LUNCH and Departure





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